Student Welfare Measures

MES is very ernest, about ensuring the welfare of each & every student stakeholder.

  1. A Student Welfare Fund (SWF) is founded in all institutions of MES. This fund is largely contributed by the Alumni of MES College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Malleswaram.
    The SWF supports meritorious needy students by providing financial aid, mid-day meals and essential stationery & learning facilities.
  2. All institutions of MES robustly facilitate the process of earning government scholarships.
  3. The institutions encourage contributions & endowments from external organisations and independent philanthropists.
  4. A strict Code of Conduct is adhered to by all the staff (teaching & non-teaching) that is aimed at student welfare.
  5. There are policies pertaining to:
    • Child protection
    • Anti-bullying
    • Cyber security
    • Prevention of sexual harassment
    • Prevention of misuse of technology
    • Monitoring the use of photographs / videographs of students.
  6. Stipend to Research scholars pursuing PhD in the  Research Centres of the PG Department of Mathematics and Kannada of MES College of ACS.