MES Indological Library Research Centre

Our Staff

Prof. B.R. Seshadri Iyengar


  • Indology is study of India. Any information or knowledge perused in India and contributing to the advancement of human culture and civilization, gets included in this branch of study.
  • The role of India in its knowledge is quite significant and Indology attempts to assess and codify this contribution.
  • Indological Library and Research Centre (ILRC) is one of the promotional institutions of MES established in the year 1991. The main goal of ILRC is to promote, encourage and foster academic and educational activities in the field of Upanishads and Vedic studies.
  • This centre provides scholarships to the economically deprived and needy students. Also, the centre conducts periodic lectures and seminars, with an aim to spread the message of Indian classics scriptures, Astronomy and Astrology.
    ILRC consistently organises the “dolls display” which signifies the essence of Dasara Festival.
  • A spotlight activity of ILRC is that, it co-ordinates & conducts the felicitation and honouring of acclaimed Sanskrit scholars in the state, by the MPL Sastry Foundation.
  • The pride of the Indology library is a vast collection of ancient texts, scriptures, Epics and palm leaf inscriptions.
    The library is now being digitalized for easy accessibility.