Services and Activites

Services and Activities


Recognition of students achievers in various fields-academics, sports, cultural activities.

MES Main Services and Activities


Services & Outreach Activities

Recognition of student achievers in various fields-academics, sports, cultural activities etc.

Encourage students successfully to take part in inter-school, inter-collegiate competitions.

Involvement of the community in the activities of the “Kalavedi“-the cultural wing of MES.

Conduct Annual Drama festivals through “RangaShale”-the theatre section of MES.

Student welfare measures including Financial aid and mid-day-meals, notebooks, stationary and various scholarships for eligible students.

Fee concession for children of MES staff.

Financial support for organizing seminars and workshops.

Group activities for students Viz. Nature Club, Science Club, Music, Samskritha Patashala etc

Cultural Fests, Annual magazine, Education tours and Study trips for the students at the level of each Institution.

Awards for creative writing and achievement in Academics.

Felicitation to faculty on retirement and Achievements.

Indological library, an open Library for reference and research persons to carry out Indological studies and research.

Holding of Annual Noble Insight Lectures-a MES management initiative to reach out to Students/Faculty and Public alike.