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The Fifty Glorious Years Of The MES Teachers College Reflect The Efficacy..

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Principal's Message

MES Teachers College has completed 60 glorious years in the field of Education and Research. The college has been relentlessly offering its students uncompromisable quality education by its dedicated faculty members and supporting staff. The credit for it majorly goes to our visionary founders, supremely talented predecessors and excellent alumni who have set high benchmarks for us to follow. The urge to surpass the previous standards and add new knowledge and learning keeps the entire atmosphere upbeat in the college.

Our college has been a trailblazer in the field of education as it’s been the first to quickly adapt innovative techniques and technologies forecasting the emerging trends in the field of education. This has always given an edge to our students in the job market. The new influx of students every year has brought in the vitality and dynamism to academic environment while preserving the historic character of each batch that has passed out of our college. Thus acknowledging our glorious past we charge into unlimited possibilities of the future, expanding the horizon of teaching, learning, innovation and research.

- Dr.M.Venkoba Rao

Assistant Professor