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Co-curricular activities

International Yoga Day
  • International Yoga Day is observed every year on June 21s to raise awareness about maintaining physical and mental well-being. The Yoga Day celebration at MES Kishore Kendra Public School was meticulously planned by the Physical Education department weeks in advance. The yoga sessions began with a warm-up routine to prepare the body and mind for the practice ahead. Students were then practiced 12 rounds of Suryanamaskara followed by some sitting and standing asanas, the importance of these were explained simultaneously. Jasmith Kiran of Class IX demonstrated 21 advanced Yoga poses which included Eka pada Rajakapotasana, Kapotasana etc., The session was concluded with meditation and closing prayer. The school encouraged students to integrate this ancient practice into their daily lives. Youtube link:

Art & Craft Club
  • Art and crafts club helps students to increase their knowledge of various forms of arts and provides a venue for them to express their creativity. Art club activity was conducted at MES Kishore Kendra Public School on 16th and 17th June. Students of Grade I to X enthusiastically participated in various activities such as coaster making, leaf print, spray print, drawing rangoli, ikebana (Flower arrangement), vegetable craft, painting with dry brush and wet wash technique etc., It was indeed a great time for children to unfold their ideas and materialise their imaginations.

World Environment Day
  • School celebrated World environment day on June 5th. All the students and teachers participated with enthusiasm. A special assembly was arranged by the students of Grade IV. The program began with a prayer and followed by speech by the students in which they conscientized about the degrading environmental conditions and the importance of taking care of it. Students also presented a song and dance by displaying colourful charts depicting concern about the environment and giving awareness to their friends about keeping the environment clean and safe from pollution. The celebrations ended with educating students on how to plant and adopt a tree and motivated them to plant more and more trees.

National Science day
  • National Science day National Science Day was observed on February 28, 2023. The program was inaugurated by Prof. K.R. Raghvendran, Chief Executive, MES institutions by switching on an electric lamp developed by students. The significance of the day was detailed by students along with a presentation highlighting science lab activities of our school. Aayush Agarwal who took part in the state level science exhibition presented his model and explained about the same. Further the science exhibition was open to all, where our junior scientists of Grade V and VII presented models and experiments on various concepts. It was a day that helped us gather knowledge, shared by little minds.

Math club activity
  • Math club activity Mathematics club play an important role in motivating students to learn mathematics with interest and involvement. MES Kishore Kendra Public School conducted Math club activity on 20th January. Students from Nursery to IX actively participated in the various activities such as designing Abacus, finding perimeter of the ‘Robot’ made using geometrical shapes, proving identities, and phythagoras theorem by practical method and etc., It provided opportunities for students to translate the theory into practice and to apply their learning in daily life situation.

National youth day
  • National youth day The National Youth Day, in commemoration of Swami Vivekananda’s birthday, was celebrated in MES Kishore Kendra Public School on January 12 by the the staff and students. The assembly began with a prayer service for the youth. The students then enriched us with the life history of Swami Vivekananda which included information about his birth, the efforts he had put in to empower the youth, throughout India and abroad. Our Principal offered flowers to the portrait and urged students to follow the ideals of Swami Vivekananda.

  • Kalavedi Annual cultural fest of MES institutions - Kalavedi, an inter institutional cultural event, was organised on 25th November. The fest kicked off with its first programme held at MES Kishore Kendra Public School, Vidyaranyapura. The program was presided over by Vidushi Dr. Suma Sudhindra (Ganakalashree, Kalaimamani awardee and an International Veena Player) and President of Mysore Education Society Smt. Vimala Rangachar. The theme of the event was “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam”. The program started off with the lovely rendition by the choir to pay salutations to the Lord Almighty followed by Invocation dance and Cultural programs which included play ' Druva Charitam' by the lower primary and middle school students followed by musical concert by school student choir. This was followed by a run - on dance performances showcasing culture of different Indian states by the high school students. The show concluded with a grand finale. Speeches by chief guest and judges were encouraging and inspiring.

Cyber Club Activity
  • Cyber Club Activity To increase students' awareness of computer and their uses in our daily life. MES Kishore Kendra Public School conducted Cyber Club Activity on 27th October for the Grade I to VIII. Children enthusiastically participated in activities like making 3D model of computer, Making Robot using e-waste, Speed typing, Online quiz etc., It was a fun-filled activity for the children.

Art and crafts club activity
  • Art and crafts club activity Art and crafts club helps students to increase their knowledge of various forms of arts and providing a venue for them to express their creativity. Art club activity was conducted at MES Kishore Kendra Public School on 16th December. Students of Grade I to X enthusiastically participated in various activities such as paper quilling, wall frames, paper basket, sequence art, 3D paper craft, home decor – wall hangings, 3D origami etc., It turned out to be a fun filled activity for them as they showcased their creative side to the utmost.

Home Science Club Activity
  • Home Science club activity Home science is an important part of school curriculum. It educates the learners for ‘better living’ by imparting the education pertaining to person, home, family and resources. To understand the science behind making a home beautiful and people in it healthy, MES Kishore Kendra Public School conducted home science club activity on 23rd December for the students of Grade 1 to 10. Children enthusiastically participated in making delicious items such as healthy Sandwiches, snacks, designed a dress with waste materials, prepared wall hangings, a necklace with clay beads etc., It was a fun activity for children and they thoroughly enjoyed.

Eco Club activity
  • Eco Club activity The Eco Club strives to spread awareness amongst the students about the various issues that are being faced by our planet and to promote eco-friendly attitude among the students, the school had organized various events and activities of Eco Club on 19th August 2022. The events included activities like making book mark using old invitation, coasters using the waste CDs, pencil stand using waste bottles, paper bags, making models of solar cooker and wind mill etc., It was a fun activity for children and also helped them to understand the importance of using nature friendly products in their daily life.

Science Club Activity
  • Science club activity Science club activity was conducted on 24th June at MES Kishore Kendra Public School. Science club gives students the opportunity to conduct hands-on experiments and build on their science knowledge. Students of Grade I to X exhibited their scientific temperament through various science related activities such as preparing model of simple machines, demonstration of refraction, making Herbarium, preparation of animal and plant cell using edible substances, demonstration of electrolysis of water and many more working models., Children participated very enthusiastically and enjoyed it.

Literary club activity
  • Literary club activity It was an array of activities for 3 days at MES Kishore Kendra Public School from 28th July to 1st August. It was a celebration of literature where every student from grade I to X was given a chance to participate in different events. The focus of events was to encourage individual participation as well as group participation. The events included activities like Show ‘N’ tell, Story board, Elocution, Poster making, Memory games and many more. It was a tough competition at high school level where the students of Grades 9 and 10 took part in street play and Debate. The response to the activities was tremendous and involvement of students was extremely impressive.

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities
  • All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  • We encourage our children to be trained in many activities apart from academics to help students to relax and pursue their interests at the same time and learn from it.

Student's Corner

Student's Corner

School Events

Graduation day - Grade X
  • Graduation day – Grade X On February 3rd ,the 13th batch of graduates walked their way out confidently holding the light of knowledge, prepared to light up the world out there and make it a better place to be in.The evening was special as we had Mr.Sukeen Padmanabhan,member of MES Institutions and Director for International Services as well as our chief guest. We were proud to welcome Prof.K M Raghavendran, Chief Executive of MES Institutions as our guest of honour along with Prof.Sheela Menon, Director in higher education.Mrs.Shridevi,Principal,MES Subbarao PU college, with her presence made the event complete. Mr.Sukeen Padmanabhan and Prof.Sheela Menon interacted with students prior to the function.They enquired about their school life ,exam preparations and ambitions which were later acknowledged in his speech. The ceremony started with the prestigious scroll distribution,followed by the divine Sadhna Panchakam  recitals and later turned to be emotional with the channelling of  light and cake cutting.

  • Farewell The 9th Graders bid  a heart touching adieu to their seniors on February 4th.They made each moment memorable with songs, dance and entertainment through games. The seniors became  too emotional when the memories of their school  days were  recalled though presentations. The juniors gave a great treat to the eyes which was  followed by a lunch where they spend time together with their seniors for the last time.

Graduation Ceremony - UKG
  • “Dreams know no boundaries, believe you can and you will” Certain ceremonies are celebrated with a difference and one such is our graduation day, where a tiny tot completes Pre - primary school and prepares to step into a completely new world of primary school. Graduation day was organised on 10th February. The occasion was graced by Mrs. Meena, counsellor of MES Institutions. The event commenced with lighting of a ceremonial lamp and Saraswathi vandana to evoke the blessings of Goddess Saraswathi. Our Principal and Chief Guest felicitated the students with a certificate of graduation. The knowledge of light was passed by teachers among the young graduates. Channelling of light and recitation of shlokas were the highlight of the ceremony. It was a memorable day for all the parents, teachers and the little graduates. The little stars of UKG with fond memories bid a goodbye to kindergarten life and enter a new chapter with big dreams for the future.

Annual Sports Day
  • Sports day The sports day for the academic year 2022-23 was held on 26th August, 2022. The chief guest of the event was Shri. Yathish Kumar M B (Founder & President, AFO Sports Academy). The event started with invocation song sung by school choir followed by Yoga Display by the students of Grade 5 and 6. Other happenings like March past, lighting MESKKPS torch, drill performances by the little ones from Grade 1 to 4. All the students were on zeal to exhibit their talents with high spirit to grab the opportunity of getting medals and certificates. There was a tough competition among the houses. Ganga house won the championship shield for sports. The march past shield was won by Ganga house. The best Athlete award for junior was won by Adwait of Grade 7 A for Boys and Poorvi P G and Shruthi Karanth of Grade 7A won in girl’s category. For the high school, Nischit Sunil and Steven J Nikhil of Grade 10 B won the best athlete award for boys and Lekhana S L of Grade 10 B won in girl’s category.

Felicitation of Toppers
  • Felicitation of Toppers MES Kishore Kendra Public School organized felicitation ceremony to honour the students of Grade 10 2021-22 batch. Ms. Vidhatri B N was awarded with a trophy, a certificate and cash award for standing First at KARNATAKA STATE LEVEL and Second on the Merit List of ALL INDIA ICSE Ranking, securing 99.60%. 36 students who scored 90 per cent and above were awarded momentoes and certificates of appreciation by the Chief Guest Sri. K M Raghavendran, Chief Executive, Mysore Education Society and Guest of honor Smt. Sheela Menon, Director – Academics Higher Education for their excellent performance at ICSE board exams.

Alumni Meet
  • Alumni Meet MES Kishore Kendra Public School had organized Alumni meet on 5th Nov. The meet was attended by almost 300 students from 2014 -15 batch onwards till the recently pass out batch. The meeting began with lighting lamp and speech by our Principal. The President of our school Alumni D. R Shashank then took over the proceedings. The alumni where then asked to actively take part and nominate themselves for various posts for the next alumni meet. It was truly memorable event as the evening gave an opportunity for the old students to meet their mentors of reminisce about their glorious days together. The day ended with High Tea.