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Co-curricular activities

Inter House Dance Competition
  • An Inter House Dance Competition for the students of class V to X was held on 15th June. The children dressed up in colorful costumes and swayed to the beats of folk music. The vivacious dances enthralled the audience with their energetic performance. The first position was bagged by Brahmaputra House. The second position was secured by Kaveri House. Principal Mrs. Preeti Bararia addressed the gathering and congratulated the winners.

Literary Fest
  • To enhance the diverse thinking among students and helping them hone their creative skills and imagination, MES Kishore Kendra Public School conducted a two days literary fest recently. Students from Grade I to X enthusiastically participated in the event. Walking through the portals of literary world, the students excelled in events like debate, elocution, declamation, dumb charades, quiz, memory game etc., The fest thus kindled the fire of literary passion thereby adding an unforgettable fervor of knowledge.

Art Club Activity
  • Art club helps students increase their knowledge of various forms of arts and providing a venue for them to express their creativity. Art club activity was conducted at MES Kishore Kendra Public School on 7th July. Students of Grade I to X enthusiastically participated in various activities such as mehandi design, tattoo art, nail art, cloth collage, paper collage, rangoli, button stitching, fabric paint etc., It turned out to be a fun filled activity for them as they showcased their creative side to the utmost.

Science Club Activity
  • Students of Grade I to X exhibited their scientific temperament through various science related activities such as simple machines using waste products, model of plant cell using edible materials, three states of matter, electroscope, crystalline forms of carbon, series of parallel electric circuit etc.,

Social club activity
  • Social club activity helps students increase their practical knowledge of the subject and it creates power of thinking and fosters imagination and creativity among the students. Social club activity was conducted on 18th October, students of Grade I to X enthusiastically participated in various activities such as collage of evidences of history, making models of vessels used in stone age, model of ancient civilizations and rain water harvesting, contour diagrams, magazines on current affairs etc., It turned out to be a fun filled activity for them as they showcased their creative side to the utmost.

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities
  • All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  • We encourage our children to be trained in many activities apart from academics to help students to relax and pursue their interests at the same time and learn from it.
  • This year The ECA activities will continue from July onwards, Cricket will start from 1st of June 2018 and the payment has to be made by 30th May 2018 and for other activities payment to be made before 15th June 2018. The details are as following:

School Events

Felicitation of Toppers
  • MES Kishore Kendra Public School held a felicitation ceremony to honour the students of class 10 who had brought laurels to the school. The Trophies and mementos of appreciation were conferred on 26 students who scored 90 per cent and above marks. They were honoured with momentos by the Chief Guest Mrs. Kalpana Mohan, Academic Director PNC COGNITIO School and Presiding Guest Mr. Dilip Mavinkure, Treasurer MES Institutions in the presence of their parents, teachers during the School Investiture Ceremony. It was a moment of pride for teachers, students, and parents.

World environment day
  • World environment day was celebrated at MES Kishore Kendra Public School on 5th June. A special morning assembly was arranged to sensitize students about the significance of the day. The program began by watering saplings and was followed by a thought provoking skit by the students of Grade IX. The students also spoke on the significance of observing the environment day. Charts and placards were displayed to create responsiveness among fellow students to keep their environment clean and healthy to lead a better life.

International Yoga Day
  • International Yoga day was observed at MES Kishore Kendra Public School on 21st June. The school organised mass yoga demonstration for the students of Grade IV to VI, where they gave an impressive demonstration of asanas. Students of Grade VII participated in the yoga day held at NTI ground, Vidyaranyapura. It was a fun and healthy session for students.

Annual Sports day
  • The sports day for the academic year 2019-20 was held on 23rd August, 2019. The chief guest of the event was Mr. Shreesh Reddy - Ekalavya awardee winner and director of Matsya Aquatics. The event started with invocation song sung by school choir followed by Yoga Display by the students of Grade 5, 6 and 7. Other happenings like March past, lighting MESKKPS torch, performances by the young ones from Grade 1 to 4 under the able guidance of PE instructors. All the students were on zeal to exhibit their talents with high spirit to grab the opportunity of getting medals and certificates. There was a tough competition among the houses. Brahmaputra house won the championship shield for sports. The march past shield was won by Kaveri house. The best Athlete award for junior was won by Nischit Sunil of Grade 7 B for Boys and Tushitha G of Grade 6 won in girl’s category. For the high school, Ritesh K of Grade 10 B won the best athlete award for boys and Ashwini P S won in girl’s category.

Karnataka Vaibhava
  • School celebrated a theme based annual day on 6th December 2019. The portals of the school were adorned with flowers and exhibits based on the theme “Karnataka Vaibhava”. The Chief Guest Dr. Dilip Mavinkurve, Honorable Treasurer, MES, presided over the occasion. The program began with the lighting of the lamp and followed by a documentary highlighting the cultural heritage of Karnataka. The students made tableau of the stone chariot of Hampi and the magnificent Dussehra elephants of Mysore among others, highlighting the specialty and splendor of each district in Karnataka. There were students performing local folk songs, dances and plays. The expanse of people were then treated to a wide spread Karnataka cuisine which included authentic dishes from all over the state. The program came to an end with the audience joining the students in singing Karnataka’s state anthem.

Graduation day
  • School proudly graduated 10th batch of Grade X students. The Chief Guest of the day was Mr. Suman Ghose (Director, Inroads Leadership Development). Dr. Babu Padmanabhan (Member, Mysore Education Society) was the Guest of honour. The program began with the traditional lamp lighting ceremony followed by invocation song. Chief Guest presented the awards to the deserving students for showcasing their talents in various disciplines other than academics and sport. On behalf of all the graduating students, school Head girl took an oath to make their School proud. Channeling of light and recitation of Sadhana panchakam were the highlight of the ceremony. It was a memorable day for all the graduates, teachers and parents.