General Instructions

  • Strict silence, decorum and discipline must be maintained in the library.
  •  Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the library premises.
  • · Every member must sign the register available at the entrance.
  • · Students have to bear the Identity Card for entering the Library.
  • · Books will be issued to only individuals and not to groups or areas.
  • · Books once issued, should not be brought inside, unless it is to be returned.
  • · Users should not deface, cut, mutilate or damage Library Materials (including documents) in any form. If found guilty, User will be charged double the cost of that particular material.
  • · Newspapers and Magazines must be read only in the library on specific tables and should not be taken to any other reading areas.
  • · Eatables/bags/personal books or journals in the library will not be allowed.
  • · The library card is not transferable and its loss must immediately be reported to the library. User will be held responsible for misuse of his/her library card.
  • · Any change of address may please be intimated to the Library in written.
  • · For misplaced, un-priced, gratis publications, rate as approved by Library Committee will be applicable.
  • · Members are free to browse the books in the Library and the books taken out of the shelves should be left on the reading tables.
  •  · Journals (unbound issues)/Reference Books/ Reports will not be issued from the library.
  • · No circulation will take place from the Reference Library.
  • · Defaulters, in case of delay after the permissible period of loan, the defaulters’ will not be issued any publication till they clear the past account of the Library.

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