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  • MESIOM has a spacious and well stacked library. It caters to the needs of the students and faculty alike. A wide range of text and reference books are available. Many newspapers and periodicals are subscribed in English, Hindi and Kannada.
  • General Instructions:
       1.Bring your identity card while you visit to library.WithoutId-card you may be asked to leave the library.
       2.No one is allowed to take his personal/issued books inside the library.
       3.Put all your belongings at the property counter.
       4.Get yourself checked at exit point while you go outside.
       5.Try to maintain PIN DROP SILENCE in & around the Library.
       6.Don't disturb the arrangement of books on the shelves.
       7.A book once taken out of the shelves must be left lying on the nearby tables.Librarystaff will replace the book at the proper shelf.
       8.If you don't find what you actually require,the librarian & the library staff may please to help you.
       9.Help to keep the books Fresh & Clean.
  • Books and Journals:

    Books and Journals

    Learning Resources Numbers
    Books:Titles 5,348
    Books:Volumes 9,298
    e-books 5,400
    Journals 11
Library Resources