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Mysore Education Society is a name for imparting value-based education since last 60 years in Bangalore.

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MESIOM, founded in 2006, is run by the Mysore Education Society Group of Institutions, formed by eminent educationists whose vision was to impart value-based education. The institution strives to fulfill its mission to provide educational opportunities to all aspiring youth to excel in life by developing academic excellence, fostering values, creating civic responsibility and building global competencies in a dynamic environment.

The Mysore Education Society is a registered body that has philanthropic, patriotic and farsighted citizens of Bangalore as its committee members. It was the dream of our managing founder, late Prof.M.P.L.Sastry, to impart value based education and also imbibe in the students our rich Indian culture.

The former President of MES Group of Institutions, Late Sri.K.P.Surendranath, initiated the beginnings of a Management Institution which became a reality in 2006. The main aim of MESIOM is to impart quality professional education to young men and women to become entrepreneurs or join industries. It is our ambition to turn out leaders who will be effective at the micro and macro levels.