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Activities Report 2018-19
  • INTERACTION ON BEST PRACTICE IN TEACHING BY PROF. KRISHNA – Prof. Krishna – Principal of Deeksha College, In the session Mr.Krishna exchanged his views on the Best Practices in Teaching. He also answered the queries of the Faculty in respect to facing the challenges under semester scheme of education. He gave us various practical ideas which could enhance the Quality of Teaching.


    The training session for III year students included topics like:

    1. Learning Cycle
    2. Power of words
    3. SWOT
    4. Assertiveness
    5. Communication in teams etc.

    The training session for II year students included topics like:

    1. Learning Cycle
    2. Group Dynamics and the Mind
    3. Goal setting
    4. Assertiveness
    5. Presentation skill etc.


Extra curricular activities

  • Disha is non-profit social initiative that aims to plug this vital gap using value education as a vehicle, Disha endeavors to guide and calalyze young minds to carry forward the rich and glorious legacy of our nation.
  • Our College has collaboration with Disha and conducted various activities like yoga, counseling, quiz, Personality Development Programme.


One-day State Level Conference


The first one-day State Level Conference was organized in MESIOM on 19th September 2014 on the topic EMERGING TRENDS IN GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM.  The conference was organized keeping in mind the changing scenario of the global financial system.




The State Level Conference was inaugurated by the distinguished dignitaries at 10.00 a.m.  The Chief Guest for the occasion was Dr.Shakuntala Khatre, Hon. Secretary, Academics – Mysore Education Society, the Keynote Address was by Dr. K.Nirmala, Faculty, Department of Commerce, Bangalore University and was presided by Dr.Dilip Mavinakurve, Treasurer, Mysore Education Society, and Former Managing Director,  State Bank of Mysore.


The Chief Guest of the occasion, Dr.Shakunthala Khatre, addressing the gathering told that the nationalization of banks created great interest among various sections of the public. Many hopes were raised in the middle class and poor people with regard to financial assistance since the Government of India nationalized major banks in 1969. She said that the nationalized banks have formulated many schemes for intensive development.  She also said that the nationalization of banks has also ensured that the employees of the banks enjoy greater job securities, higher emoluments and other benefits.  In this way, the operational efficiency of banks have been increased.


The Keynote speaker, Dr.K.Nirmala, started her address by talking about the crises and turbulances that has hit the Global Stock Market in recent times.  She highlighted the newly proposed Basel III and its applicability to emerging market economies such as India.  She also mentioned that Dr.Raghuram Rajan, Governor, RBI, is already showing some changes in the monetary policies of India by bringing down Consumer Price Inflation after taking interest rate by a total 75 basis points.  She spoke about internet banking and mobile banking services and also about the problems we face when we lose credit or debit cards. She gave the audience inputs about investment on intangible assets.


The President of the occasion, Dr.Dilip Mavinkurve, told the gathering about  the crises of the Global Stock Market, which spilled over the entire globe. During 2007 -2012, the Indian Stock Market showed excessive volatility and a drastic drop in its values which became a major cause for concern to regulators, policymakers, financial institutions, portfolio managers and financial analysts.  He said that the RBI needs to raise the policy rates to bring down inflation to a sustainable basis.  He mentioned that, Dr.Raghuram Rajan, Governor, RBI, responding to the demands of industry to cut interest rates in view of declining inflation, said that there is no point in cutting interest rates only to see inflation picking up again.  He also gave inputs about how to manage when someone loses their credit or debit cards – not to write one’s password at the back of the card, to guard one’s account information.  He spoke about two factor authentication for mobile banking – PIN No. and one time password.


Technical Session.


The papers on various topics were presented by the respective delegates in two sessions – one in the forenoon and the other in the afternoon. A total of 30 research papers were submitted of which 21 research papers were presented by the delegate/delegates from both educational institutions and industry and the remaining papers were submitted in-absentia.  The best research papers will be published in the journal bearing ISBN number.


About 100 faculty members and students from various colleges participated in the one-day State Level Conference.




The Valedictory ceremony of the State Level Conference was held on the same day at 4.15 p.m.  The Chief Guest was Dr. Ganesh Bhatta, Principal, MES Teacher’s College and was presided over by Prof. B.R.Sheshadri Iyengar, Hon. Secretary-Administration – Mysore Education Society.


Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Ganesh Bhatta, highlighted about risk management and told that literature gives us enough information regarding risk management.  He also gave a few examples from ‘Mankutimmanna Kagga’ which was relevant to the theme of the Conference. He urged the research scholars to dedicate more time to their chosen topics, gain better insight and contribute to a better society.


Prof. Sheshadri Iyengar highlighted about SENSEX and Foreign Direct Investment.  He congratulated the organizers and delegates of the Conference and urged the students and faculty members to involve themselves in more research oriented work.


The dignitaries later distributed the certificates to the paper presenters and participants.



Rotaract club

Rotaract Club is a wing of the Rotary club, North, which encourages the youth to give back to society. The Rotaract Club of MESIOM participates actively in many programmes to serve society. Annual blood donation and heart checkup camps conduct in MESIOM premises for the students and general public. The Rotaract club tries to instill humanitarian values in the students. The Rotaract Club of MESIOM provides extensive service for social activities like conducting various cultural and sports events for orphanages in Bangalore, visit old age homes, Raila Programme and many more.

Commerce and Management Club

 The Commerce and Management Club aims at preparing the students to face the realms of the corporate world through its various activities like industrial visits , budget analysis, seminars, workshops, conferences, projects and internship programmes, Ankura- an Intercollegiate management and cultural fest.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

 The EDP Cell conducts activities which aim at developing the entrepreneurial skills through activities like swayam Anveshana, samanvitha and Industrial Motivational Campaign in association with Government of India, MSME Development Institute.

Language Club

The language departments of MESIOM conduct various activities in order to hone the literary, cultural and communication skills of the students through Maverix, Nudihabba, Surabharthi Vybhavam. Hindi department celebrates Hindi Divas.






MES Institute of Management actively participates in various sports events and regularly conducts sports meet in the college. Many indoor and outdoor sporting events are conducted. This aims at building up the sportsmanship spirit among the students and helps them take victories and defeats in their stride.

Students forum



Facilitates discussion among students regarding relevant issues of current affairs discussions are conducted every month in the classes based on the events of the previous ten days. Each student is encouraged to present his/her views and the class teacher moderates these discussions.




The Alumni Reunion is held on the 2nd Saturday of April every year which serves as a doorway to nostalgia, reminiscing memorable experiences and share details of mutual growth, achievements and advancement in various field.  The students of the previous batches are instrumental in providing a variety of assistance that help them be in touch with the graduates of MESIOM.




It is a day of great pride for the students who get their degree certificates every year the B.Com/B.B.M students receive their certificates on the Graduation Day. In 2014, The Vice Chancellor of University of Mysore Dr. K S Rangappa gave away the certificates.