Our History

Our History


A group of enlightened citizens of Malleshwaram felt a need to open a college in Malleshwaram..

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Our History

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As the name itself suggests, kishora Kendra is a school run by the Mysore Education Society with the sole aim of providing a happy learning experience where the emphasis is on learning the three R’s effectively without losing the excitement of learning. The philosophy of the school is guided by two principles:

A child’s ability to learn must never be underestimated.

“Education is a kindling of a flame and not filling a vessel” as said by Socrates. The teacher sparks excitement of learning and lights the individual’s imagination. This love for learning one’s kindled carries a child forward. “Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya’ – is thus motto of the school.

M.E.S. Kishora Kendra was started in 1979 as a play centre. Now it has grown into a composite college comprising of Primary and High School along with Junior College recognized by the Govt. of Karnataka. At the school level it has strength of 1200. It follows state board curriculum. Kishora Kendra aims at providing the children a free atmosphere to develop their individual talent and encourage them to learn uninhibitedly. To achieve this objective it emphasizes on importance of co-curricular activities. Children are encouraged to develop a healthy spirit of competition and for these various inter and intra school competitions are held. Love for rich cultural and secular heritage is inculcated by celebration of National and religious festivals. School aims at training children to be proficient in English, Kannada and Sanskrit.

To upgrade the standard and to motivate the students to learn better with the help of new technology, Smart Board Classroom Teaching has been introduced from November 2013.

“When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their heart” says Dalai lama. So to instill confidence, and drive away fear, children take part in the morning assembly, reading news, reciting shlokas and asking general knowledge questions, reciting National and devotional songs besides singing their school prayer. To energize their minds and channelize their energy, Light channeling is practiced. Yoga is also taught and practiced in school. ‘Reflections’ the annual school magazine is brought out. It consists of articles, drawings contributed by students from four houses. Champak, Jasmine and Lotus & Rose.

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today” MES Kishora Kendra believes in this strongly.