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Vision and Mission


Inspire, Invigorate, Illumine.



"To be known as an institution providing excellent education and to be internationally recognized as a leading educational institution"

Vission and Mission

Inspire, Invigorate, Illumine.

To provide quality education at affordable cost.

To cater to the academic needs and aspirations of local students.

To inculcate a scientific bent of mind in students.

To initiate a research culture among students.

To develop dynamic and pro-active leadership qualities in students.

To sensitize the students towards civic responsibilities and environmental consciousness.

To focus on skill development towards employ-ability.

Goals and Objectives

To create an excellent ambience for teaching and learning.

To self evaluate, set goals, raise the bar and strive for consistent and sustained growth.

Evolving students to acquire contemporary management ideas and concepts.

To provide education to marginalized deserving students, to organize workshops, conferences and training program.

To encourage the students’ all-round development.